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Quality construction work is hard to come by these days. You either find a contractor who cuts corners or you spend far too much on a simple job and the result STILL might be sub-par. Seeing this, Omar and Mamie Alghali started O&M in 2013 with the mission of making sure every shingle project is done quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently. In order to achieve this we vet our sub-contractors for quality workmanship, document project progress with photos and videos, and keep all of our project managers in-house.

Omar Alghali

Co-founder & CEO of O&M

My name is Omar, and I'm the "O" of O&M. I am a man of faith, and I've traveled all over the world- from Alexandria, Virginia to Reading, England, until I finally reached Houston, Texas nearly 2 decades ago. Since then, I've started a family with my beautiful wife, started this construction company, and came to love this great city and all it has to offer. I look forward to working with you!

Omar's Favorite Quote

"When the time for decision arrives, the time of preparation is past."

Thomas S. Monson

Mamie's Favorite Movie

coming to america shadow

(Although she hated the second one)

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Mamie Alghali

Co-founder & CEO of O&M

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The Office Team

Kelly Lester
Office Manager
Cyrus Codner
Digital Marketing Specialist
Project Manager

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