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Reviews and Referrals

O&M is proud to maintain a 4.7 Star rating across the web. We would greatly appreciate an honest review of our services! If you have a friend, family, or neighbor who needs construction work, please read below to see how you can benefit from a referral!

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Refer-A-Roof Program

Get $200 cash when you successfully refer a friend, family, or neighbor!*

Just 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Submit Your Referral Online

Visit our contact page and submit a Referral Request to as many friends, family members, or neighbors as you'd like. Qualified referrals do not include people already in contact with O&M and our affiliates.

Step 2: O&M Will Contact Your Referral

An O&M Representative will reach out to your referral to schedule a roof inspection. As you know, our roof inspections are free of charge with no obligations or contracts.

Step 3: Receive Your Reward!

We'll work quickly and thoroughly to get your referral's roof replaced. Once the roof is built and the Certificate of Completion is signed, we'll send you your reward!

GET $200


*A "successful referral" is an individual who's roof has been built by O&M and has signed the Certificate of Completion.
You may not refer you own primary residence for the program. If we have replaced your primary residence's roof, you may refer your own second home, rental property, etc.